The Empty Bottles

is a Belgian punk / streetpunk band formed in 2008, from the southwest of Flanders, Belgium (Waregem/Kortrijk/Ieper region). After some line-up changes, the band forms a solid crew, consisting of:

  • lead vocals                                  Cursing Christ
  • 2nd vocals/bagpipe*                 Dirk Balcaen a.k.a. Dirky McBall
  • guitar                                           Ward Ameel
  • bass                                             Jurgen Van Heghe a.k.a. Rekr
  • battery                                        Tom Taillieu

* Remark: the bagpipe is only for a couple of intro’s; we’re not just another Dropkick Murphy’s clone 🙂

You can find some reviews over here.

Our first CD ” Totally Wasted” was released in 2013, for which we like to thank former members of our band (see RIP-page). Our brand new CD ”No Sense for the Cause” has been released at the beginning of 2019. Please check out our merch-page for more info!

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